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23 ISIS militants shot dead by Iraq forces

23 ISIS militants shot dead by Iraq forces

Iraq forces shoot dead 23 IS militants within the borders of the Old City
Up to 21 bodies of IS militants’ bodies have been found after Iraq forces shot dead over 20 militants. The report was released by Iraqi government forces who recently launched an offensive on the IS militants in a bid to regain full control of the Old City. “Our troops have made incursions into the western part of the city of Mosul as we strive to regain full control of the Old City district, which is the last bastion under the IS militants,” said an officer as he spoke to reporters.
The information was released by Captain Adel Haider, who serves under the Nineveh police department when he spoke in an interview with BasNews. He told the reporters that the Federal police forces had engaged in very violent confrontations with IS militants after they invaded Bab Sinjar, a popular market where IS militants and suicide bombers had been resting. This is one of the many similar attacks that the government forces have launched over the past few months in a campaign to regain full control of the city of Mosul.
“Police forces are putting the entire market under a full siege. They have managed to kill around 23 IS militants during the invasion,” said Haider. The operation was successful partly due to the help rendered by airship fighters. A number of air strikes had been made in a bid to help the officers who were engaged in the siege. “Air forces had helped to make the mission a success,” added Haider.
The Iraqi Joint Operations Command had reported on Sunday that its forces raided the Old City by means of the Bab Sinjar entrance which is located in the northern part of the Old City. They had undertaken this mission after reclaimed the district of Zanijili from the IS militants.
The Old City district is currently the last hideout for IS militants who have been on the receiving end of various attacks jointly launched by the US led coalition and the pro Iraqi government forces. This is also the renowned birth place of the self-made caliphate which the IS militants announced in 2014. The self-made caliphate was announced by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who is the group’s supreme leader. He announced the declaration of the caliphate in a sermon which was televised for the entire world to see.
In January, Iraq forces recaptured eastern Mosul following three months of fighting. Three months later, the forces launched yet another offensive on the IS militants aimed at reclaiming the western side of the city. In mid February, the Iraq forces and the US led coalition had joined forces to retake western Mosul from the IS militants.
Confirmation of the number of IS militants that had been killed during the recent siege was made on Monday by the DPA officials who were quoting Iraq officials. The field officers had reported that 21 bodies belonging to IS militants had been transported to district hospitals.

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