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It is better to capture than to kill ISIS militants

It is better to capture than to kill ISIS militants

This comes after the recent series of killings which have characterized by air strike shots and missiles fired against IS militants. A war expert has criticized the method that the US led coalition forces are using to take down IS militants. In an opinion article which was posted on on Friday, the writer stated that killing IS militants is not the solution. Rather, they have to be captured and used as information assets.
The killing of high value terrorists using airstrikes was launched during the Obama administration, but has since survived the first few months of the Trump administration and is showing no signs of stopping. Since the launch of the US led coalition offensive against IS militants, the method has been used throughout the course of the offensive leading to the death of many IS militants.
But, the method has been responsible for the death of many high value terrorists especially those in charge of special IS departments. If such individuals had been captured and questioned, they may provide valuable information that can be used by the US led coalition forces and the Iraq army.
The US led coalition forces announces the death of a high value target in the high ranks of the IS terrorist committee thanks to its efficient airstrike method. Many highly ranked IS leaders have already been killed by the Iraq forces and the US led coalition troops.
According to a report published in the New York Times, the death toll of highly IS leaders who have so far been killed by the US led coalition air strikes has risen sharply sparking concerns from many war experts.
“Tuesday May the 31st saw the death of Turki al-Bin’ali, a high value target and IS leader, who was chief cleric at the time of his death. Two weeks prior to this announcement, it was Samir Idris who was killed following an airstrike shot targeted on the areas near Mayadin and was believed to be one of the key financiers of the IS attacks around the world,” said the report which was published in the New York Times.
“Another high rank IS military official to have been killed by the US led coalition forces was Fawaz Muhammad Jubayr, who Pentagon labeled as an experienced terrorist financier. He met his fate on Friday after being hit by a US led coalition airstrike. Mr Fawaz was responsible for facilitating the movement of money across borders and received the label as ‘expert terrorist financier’ based on his previous sophisticated money transfer feats,” added the report as it tried to justify why the killing of leading IS members was to be stopped.
The world is a better place without individuals such as Mr Fawaz, Turki-alBin’ali and Samir Idris. But, there is a lot of information that such individuals carry with them once they are dead. Killing them has led to the loss of intelligence information pertaining to the manner in which the IS militants conduct their operations and any new plans that are on the ground

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