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Civilians living in Mosul’s Old City

Civilians living in Mosul Old City

Despite the continued offensive of the Iraq forces against the ISIL militants in the fight for Mosul, it is understood that dozens of civilians are buried alonCivilians living in Mosul’s Old City worry Iraq forcesg with militants in the city’s ruins following a series of attacks led by the US and Iraq forces along with their allies. The city now features structures which are nothing but ruins left behind by the recent attacks led by the Iraq forces and its allies. This has made it impossible for civilians to lead a normal life. Up to 50, 000 civilians who had fled the Old City are living under extreme conditions with little food, medicines and water among other unbearable conditions. They had escaped to the areas behind Daesh following days of intense fighting between the militants and the Iraq forces. The militants are currently using booby traps and suicide bombers in a bid to slow down the Iraq forces whose advancement has continued to cause panic and anxiety among the ISIL troops. They are also deploying snipers at specific points within the war zone. All these measures are aimed at preventing the Iraq forces from gaining full control of the city and enabling the ISIL troops to regroup and gather momentum. On a positive note, up to 350 dead ISIL militants are known to have lost their lives following the deadly attacks launched by the Iraq forces as they press forward deeper into the city. The country’s prime minister has already indicated that many areas of the city have already been recaptured and that victory over the entire city is likely to be declared in a few days from now. He made this announcement when he spoke on his website on Monday. “The victory against the ISIL militants is going to come within a very short time. Our troops have already besieged most of the areas of the city that had been under the grasp of the militants. There is little doubt that victory will be announced very soon,” said Haider Al Abadi as he assured the nation and reporters. Forces on the ground had also echoed the Iraq Prime Minister’s sentiments when they spoke to reporters on Tuesday. Speaking to Routers was Abdul-Wahab Al Saadi, a general Lieutenant in charge of the Counter terrorism service who said, “The operation is going smoothly and freeing a good number of civilians following the besieging of the remaining parts of the Old City.” “Within the next few days, our troops will be in Corniche and finalize the battle,” said the federal police commander lieutenant General Raed Shaker Jawdat as he spoke to one of the reporters from the Iraq State TV. “Police have already forced the militants out of Ziwani Mosque southwest of the Old city,” added the Lieutenant. During the course of last week, Iraq forces managed to open exit routes to facilitate the fleeing of hundreds of civilians from the Old City. Iraq forces estimate that over 100, 000 civilians are trapped in the old city without supplies of medicine, water and food.

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