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Iraq forces declare end of caliphate following the capture of the mosque in Mosul

Iraq forces declare end of caliphate following the capture of the mosque in Mosul

Iraq forces have declared the end of the caliphate following the capture of the mosque in Mosul. This comes after a series of fierce fighting with the Islamic state militants. It has been eight months since the war started and the IS militants are more than eager to continue being in charge of the caliphate. But, the Iraq forces recently showed them who is boss when they led an offensive which left dozens of ISIL militants dead and several other fleeing for their lives. Following the capture of the city’s mosque which lies at the heart of the city, the prime minister was quick to declare the war over. Iraq forces are optimistic there will be no more war to be fought in the next few days. This is in line with a report which was submitted to reporters on Wednesday night. Developing news also confirms the take down of the caliphate as Iraq forces continue to win most of the parts of the city which had been captured by the militants. Iraq forces and the Prime minister believe the war is going to be over within a few days. Since 2014, the caliphate has been under the control of ISIS militants who had seized several parts of the city along with many oil fields. But, the US led coalition along with the pro Iraq government militants have managed to recapture most parts of the country from the militants. What remains of the city today are mere rubbles with many dead bodies of IS militants and civilians. Al-Nuri Mosque was one of the last strongholds of the IS militants, But has since been lost following days of intense fighting. The militants had used a number of techniques in a bid to ward off the oncoming Iraq forces. They had used booby traps, snipers and other techniques to ward off the onslaught from the militants. But, all that has been contained by the Iraq forces who managed to bring down the IS militants parade following days of fierce fighting. The capture of the mosque is a big prize and will go a long way in serving as a reminder of the victory of the Iraq forces over the IS militants. Much of the city still lies in ruins but the victory over the mosque will continue to signal the end of the war. IS militants had taken over the mosque in 2014 following the declaration of the caliphate. But, recent days of fighting have turned all that into the favor of the Iraq forces, who along with the US led coalition have managed to recapture more than three quarters of the city. The Iraq military officials and the Prime minister have hinted on the declaration of victory in the next few days although it remains unconfirmed. However, the militants are still in full control of most parts of the areas they captured in Syria even though officials have said that the end of their rule in those areas is also close. “Their fictitious state is coming to an end,” said one of the Iraq forces spokespersons.

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