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Iraq ministry of defense announces the complete liberation of all districts from Daesh

Iraq ministry of defense announces the complete liberation of all districts from Daesh

The Iraq ministry of defense announced on Thursday night that it has concluded its liberation exercise from Daesh. This follows a long ten day battle involving the nation’s forces and IS militants. US led forces were also aiding the Iraq forces by supplying air power mostly in the form of air rockets. This announcement means that all the terrorists which had captured the city of Mosul have all been obliterated. It also marks the start of a new era characterized by peace and tranquility, attributes that have been absent from the city since 2014 when the terrorists took over. Whether the peace an tranquility are going to be achieved within the boundaries of the city and sustained for a lengthy period of time is still not known as efforts to bring back the city to what it was are yet to start. According to a report by Sky News Arabia, the militants no longer have any district under their grasp. “The IS militants no longer have any district within the city of Mosul which is under their control. They have been left with no choice but to surrender. Their rule has ended forever,” said an official from the ministry as he proceeded to declare victory to Sky News Arabia reporters. This is good news for the local residents who have been under the horrific rule of IS militants for years. During the course of the war, civilians have been denied access to important supplies including medicine, food and water among others. The development is important for both the civilians and the rest of the world whose ears have remained open to news coming from the region which was has been under IS rule for 3 years. Earlier on Thursday, Iraq forces managed to besiege the grand al-Nuri Mosque from the militants. The 845 year old mosque was seized from the militants following an offensive led by Iraq forces. Although the most recent operation which has led to the capture of the mosque and the subsequent end of the militant’s 3 year terror rule only began ten days ago, the actual battle against the militants started in 2016. In October last year, US led coalition forces along with the Iraq forces began an operation aimed at liberating the civilians from the militants. Daesh militants have suffered major losses during the offensive leading to their fall. “Theif mythical state has finally fallen,” said Brigadier General Yahya Rasool as he spoke to one of the reporters from Iraq state TV. The eastern part of the city was liberated from the terrorists late in January. During the course of February, another liberation operation was launched aimed at freeing the remaining parts of the city from the militants. A team of 69 members of the US led coalition forces has been assisting the Iraq forces during the course of the liberation operation. It was conducting air strikes, rocket propelled fire and ground based artillery.

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