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Iraq troops continue to push deeper into the city

Iraq troops continue to push deeper into the city

Iraq troops have continued to push deeper into the city following a recent series of attacks against the ISIL militants. Many parts of the city of Mosul had been under the control of ISIL until recently when the Iraq forces backed by the US led coalition had reclaimed them after months of intense fighting.
On Wednesday, Iraq forces managed to push further into the city recapturing two more districts in the process. The recapturing of a dual of districts from Daesh is a step closer towards bringing the entire city under the control of the Iraq forces.
Hadarat Al Saada and Al Ahmadiyya are the two districts which were recently recaptured by the military’s 16th infantry division. These two districts lie northwest of Grand Al Nuri, a historic mosque which had been destroyed by the militants last week. This is in line with the report which submitted to the press by one of the Iraq military representatives.
In an interview with the Iraq State media television, Major General Jabbar Al Darraji said that around 50 % of the area which used to be under the control of the militants has been liberated. “50 % of the area has already been libverated; Al Mashada, Al Saada and Al Ahmadiyya,” he said as he spoke to reporters.
“Our troops are now headed for Farouq Street,” said the general as he referred to the main through street in Old City’s north-south region.
Federal policemen who had been deployed on the ground had to walk through piles of rubble as they advanced towards the battle front which is on the southwest of Al Nuri Mosque. A correspondent who was on the ground said they had to exchange sniper fire and mortars with the ISIL militants.
The minaret of Ziwane mosque was recently cleared of militants, but has been partly destroyed in the wake of the intense exchange of fire between the militants and the Iraq forces. From a distance, it is easy to see that the cross has been removed from the bell tower. This information was released by a Routers correspond who was on the ground to witness the ongoing onslaught staged by the Iraq militants.
The military also killed five Daesh fighters who tried to flee to the eastern side of Mosul by crossing the Tigris River. This is in line with the report which was released by the military spokesperson on Wednesday.
Major General Darraji said he lost one of his soldiers who seized a militant wearing a suicide vest amidst a crowd of fleeing civilians. “The soldier was martyred as he protected the lives of many civilians,” the Major General said.
Daesh is still in control of Mosque’s grounds coupled with about half of the Old City’s territory. The involving Federal Iraq forces alongside elite members of the Counter Terrorism battle which began ten days ago Unit has so far been staged in various parts of the district including alleyways of the district’s maze.

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