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qatar gulf crisis

qatar gulf crisis

Updates on the Qatar gulf crisis A number of Gulf States and Egypt have chosen to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, a development which has also resulted in the imposing of air, land and sea blockade on the oil nation. Since June 5, many Gulf nations have seen off all diplomatic ties with Qatar and imposed a blockade on all major modes of transport. The countries which include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain have chosen to cut ties with Qatar leading to a serious gulf crisis. Since the development, a number of western countries including the UK and France have joined the fight against deescalating the situation in the gulf region. Speaking in a phone call with Saudi Crown prince, UK Prime Minister Melinda May called on both sides to take an urgent action aimed at resolving the issues and restoring the unity within the gulf region. According to information released by her office on Monday, the prime minister said, “I am urging both sides to take an urgent action and deescalate the situation for purposes of restoring GCC unity.” The statement further added that the UK is more than committed to ensuring that this process works. . “The UK is committed to supporting all side until the peace process works,” said the statement from the UK Prime Minister’s office. This information was released on Monday shortly after the UK’s Prime Minister spoke in a phone call with Saudi Crown Prince at 07:00 AM. On the 3rd of July, Emir of Qatar spoke in a phone call with the French President, Macron regarding a planned state visit to that country in the summer. The two leaders spoke on a number of issues including the current crisis in the gulf. According to the information which was released by the French president’s office late on Monday, the president called on to be in support of all processes aimed at resolving the crisis. In the light of the current situation, the Emir said that he intends to visit France in the summer. “During the phone call, Emir Sheikh Tamin Bin Hamad Al Thani said that he expected to come to France towards the end of the summer,” said the statement from Macron’s office. The two leaders had emphasized the need to resolve the crisis through the use of dialogue and diplomacy. Calls to back the ongoing mediation steps by Kuwait were also made by both leaders, a statement released by Qatar News Agency said. Earlier during the same day, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said that he hopes Qatar will respond positively to the demands that have been brought forward by his country and other Arab states. “We sincerely hope that Qatar will respond positively so that we can resolve the ongoing crisis,” said Adel Al-Jubeir who was speaking from Jeddah, a Saudi city where a press conference was held alongside Sigmar Gabriel from Germany. Jubeir also said that the response from Qatar will be examined with precision. “We will examine Qatar’s response with precision,” he added.

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