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According to a report from Geneva, the US said that ISIS troops in Mosul may be holding over 100, 000 civilians

100, 000 civilians believed to in the custody of ISIS troops in Mosul, says the UN

According to a report from Geneva, the US said that ISIS troops in Mosul may be holding over 100, 000 civilians. The report says that the Islamic State Group Jihadists is using the Iraq civilians as its human shields at it continues to dominate over the city of Mosul and prevent any humanitarian efforts from hijacking its operations. But, Irq forces are trying their best to reclaim the city which has been under the siege of ISIS for more than 2 years. Since 2014, the city of Mosul has witnessed a series of brutal killings imposed on it by the terror of ISIS whose troops continue to be in charge of the city. There is no certainty of when the terror will come to an end as ISIS continues to dominate the recent battles it has fought with Iraq officials. Three years of exchange of ammunition have seen ISIS emerge on top with the Iraq forces only suffering more damage and leaving the civilians of the city with little hope of survival. But, not all hope has been lost. Over the past two hand half years, the Iraq forces along with help from the international community have managed to release a number of areas of the city from the grip of ISIS. Only a few areas still remain under the full control of ISIS and the use of civilians as shields is the recent strategy that the jihadist group had resorted to. This is in a bid to ward off the Iraq forces from unleashing terror upon the troops of ISIS. The representative of the UN refugee agency in Iraq said that the Jihadist group has been capturing civilians in all the recent fights which had been staged in areas just outside the city of Mosul. It is understood that the terrorist group has been forcing civilians to reside in the Old City which has been characterized by terror attacks for the past two and half years. The Old City is one the remaining parts of the Mosul which is still under the full control of ISIS. “Over 100, 000 civilians are still under the control of ISIS within the boundaries of the Old City,” said the UN refugee agency representative only referred to as Geddo. He said this in an interview with reporters in the city of Geneva. “We are also aware of the fact that ISIS is moving with the civilians wherever it is going. Whenever the ISIS troops move from one position to another, they always carry the civilians with them. The civilians are always with the ISIS troops, perhaps almost alongside them during battles with Iraq forces,” added the UN refugee representative. “These are used human shields,” said Geddo. There is no food, water or electricity in the city. “The civilians are living under unbearable conditions as they are surrounded by fighting and terror on all sides,” said the UN refugee representative.


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