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Five Brigades Excluded from Tal Afar Operation

Five Brigades Excluded from Tal Afar Operation

ERBIL— Five brigades of the Iraqi armed forces who are mainly from Tal Afar have been excluded from the operation to liberate the town, stated a commander.

Musa Ali Julaq, a commander of the Shi’ite Hashd al-Shaabi forces, stated on Sunday that the 92nd Brigade of the 15th Division of Army and Brigades 9th and 10th of the 3rd Division of Federal Police are excluded from the operation.

Hussein Brigade of Hashd al-Shaabi forces and the Emergency Response Police Regiments of Tal Afar will not also take part in the operation, he added.

Julaq, the Turkmen commander who supervises the Tal Afar operation, expressed his surprise at the omissions.

He stated that the excluded forces are mainly sons of Tal Afar but are prevented from the operation to liberate their own town while they participates in retaking many areas from the Islamic State (IS) across Iraqi provinces.

So far, the Iraqi government has not set any time for the launch of Tal Afar operation.

The mainly Sunni Turkmen town, 60km west of Mosul, has turned to an IS stronghold where civilians are killed on a daily basis.


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