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As the civil war rages on, Yemeni oil reserves continue to be under dispute

As the civil war rages on, Yemeni oil reserves continue to be under dispute

An economic expert from the region believes that Total’s operations in Kharkir region is tantamount to stealing that region’s wealth on behalf of Mansour Yadi, Yemen’s ousted president, and Saudi Arabia. Mansour is internationally recognized as the leader of the country and likely believes that his moves were within the confines of the power vested in him by the constitution.
As the civil war in Yemeni carries on, all the tension in the country will become centered on the oil reserves as the Sunni leaders backed by the Saudis and the Shiite Houthis along with their Iranian backers continue to fight over the oil.
“The French company Total, in collaboration with Saudi Arabia, which is reported to have set up an oil base in Kharkir region’s southern parts near Naijran, a Saudi border province, is believed to exploiting oil from the region,” said Mohammad Abdolrahman Sharafeddin as he spoke to Fars News Agency, an Iranian news agency.
“Around 63 % of the country’s crude oil production is being stolen by Saudi Arabia and Total wlong with the fugitive president and his accomplices,” added the expert.
In 2014, the then CEO of Total paid a visit to Sana’a for purposes of meeting with President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi in a bid to discuss the expansion of Total’s footprint in Yemen.
According to Hadi’s website, the CEO indicated that Total’s relationship with Yemen was based on strategy and that the company was expanding its oil blocks across the country. “Total’s relationship with Yemen is strategic,” said Margerie. “Total is currently expanding and developing all its oil blocks across the nation,” added the CEO as reported by Hadi’s website.
The expert believes that arrangements of this nature are all aimed at cementing relations between the fugitive president and Total along with their counterparts for purposes of exploiting the country’s oil fields. Whether this is likely to continue for the next few years is still unknown as the sides do not appear to be headed for a truce anytime soon.
But, Saudi Arabia does not appear to be in agreement with the information brought to light by the Yemini economic expert. The country appears to be on the other side of the coin. Recently, the Saudi King warned against the interference from foreigners. In his statement, he made it very clear that the Saudi government is merely interested in safeguarding the lives of its citizens and will do everything in a bid to achieve this. Saudi Arabia has continued to lead an onslaught against the Houthi rebels killing many civilians in the process.
In January, the Houthi rebels clashed with the Saudi led coalition which is behind the fugitive Yemeni president. The incident which took place in Bab el-Mandab region was quite fierce. Bab el-Mandab region is a vital passage for close to 4 million barrels of the crude oil that is exported by the Middle East. Control of passage is of utmost importance for both parties.

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