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Gulf crisis has no impact world cup preps, Qatar

Gulf crisis has no impact world cup preps, Qatar

Qatar announced on Thursday that its world cup preparations are not affected by the rift with other gulf region states. Doha which has been slapped with economic sanctions by Arab states led by Saudi Arabia is due to host many games of the 2022 world cup. But, the country’s world cup organizing team has maintained that the recent economic sanctions on Doha will not in any way affect that city’s readiness for the 2022 world cup. The organizing committee further stated that alternative sources of construction materials had been sourced following the slapping of sanctions.
The world governing body of football, FIFA said that it has been in constant communication with the world cup organizing committee of that country after the recent rift with other Arab nations. Early last month, the country which is due to host the 2022 world cup had its ties with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt severed after the trio accused Qatar of playing host to terrorists and funding terrorism activities.
Allowing Qatar to host the 2022 world cup is aimed at propelling that country to the global stage through sport, but the recent gulf crisis may have an impact on such prospects.
In the run up to the tournament, Qatar will be required to host a number of sporting events aimed at improving that country’s infrastructure as well as expertise.
“I stand here confidently confirming that the recent gulf crisis will have no impact on the progress of the 2022 world cup preparations. This applies to all the Mundial facilities,” said the Qatari world cup 2022 organizing committee executive director, Ghanim al-Kuwari who is overseeing the world cup preparations.
Already, 45 % of the work has been completed in line with the plans. According to remarks made by QNA, the country’s state news agency, all the preparation works are going according to plan despite the recent gulf crisis.
Most of the materials which have been used for the construction of the infrastructure had been coming through the Saudi Arabia route by land. The recent announcement of sanctions by Saudi Arabia and other gulf nations has led to the blockade of the route. FIFA experts fear that this is would jeopardize the smooth running of the preparations. But, the Qatari organizing committee has maintained that gulf crisis will not have any impact on its preparatory progress adding that alternative sources of materials have already been found.
“We have actually organized alternative sources of materials for the construction of the facilities in order to avoid delaying the preparation for the 2022 world cup,” said Kawari reassuringly. He further added that even though some goods came by land, most of them were being shipped into the country by sea, while others are being made locally.
In a separate statement, the international Olympic committee said that it hopes the recent gulf crisis will not have a negative impact on the development of sports in the region.
Doha’s Hamad Port was at the center of many activities this week characterized by shipment deliveries involving food supplies and materials for the construction of facilities for the world cup.

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