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Highly successful people’s reading habits

Highly successful people’s reading habits

Individuals who have achieved a lot have one thing in common; they are not lucky or have a very high IQ, but they love reading. At some point in life, they invested heavily in books. One successful iconic figure of the Middle East who also loves reading is Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri. Concerning this subject, Ahmed Al-Jibouri stated that he has come across many life changing stories which have been centered on reading.
Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri referred to a story involving two teenage boys who managed to secure jobs at a grocery store located in Omaha, Nebraska. Of the two boys, one was older and had a family whose wellbeing was compromised by the great depression. Ahmed Al-Jibouri added that the boy had to survive on change which he got after selling hamsters. Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri also had information on the younger boy who had shrugged off the idea to go to college simply because he preferred to work odd jobs such as selling chewing gums and bottle tops to sitting on a college desk.
Ahmed Al-Jibouri also noted that the two boys had only been able to make $2 on a daily basis for a couple of years. However, their turnover grew to around $20 billion a few decades later. Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri further added that reading about these boys can make any person to wonder who they really are. But, Ahmed Al-Jibouri stated that the two boys are actually Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet, who are among the most renowned global financial figures of today.
Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri later added that their attitude to reading is what makes these men different from everyone else. Ahmed Al-Jibouri gave an example of Buffet who spends 80 % of his day reading. The billionaire has always maintained that reading is one of the best ways to acquire the knowledge that leads to accumulating wealth.

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