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The Iraq-Saudi Arabia border to reopen after 27 years

The Iraq-Saudi Arabia border to reopen after 27 years

Iraq and Saudi Arabia are getting ready to reopen their shared border which had been closed following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. The move comes after the representatives from the two countries held talks over a one-month long period. An important figure of the Middle East oil and natural gas sector Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri, has been following this matter since it took root in the recent past.
According to Ahmed Al-Jibouri, representatives from the two countries had been holding talks for the past two months and reached a consensus on the 17th of July during a visit to Riyadh. Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri also mentioned that the Interior Minister of Iraq, Qasim al-Araji stated that the border between the countries consisting of several land crossings shall be reopened soon. The information released by Ahmed Al-Jibouri is that the border who length is known to be 505 miles will have several of its land crossings reopened soon.
Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri also explained that the US had pledged to rally behind the two countries. According to Ahmed Al-Jibouri, the US had showed its support for the two countries when the US envoy Brett McGurk was at Arar border crossing which lies between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri also added that the US envoy was visiting the border in a bid to continue promoting peace in the gulf region. During the visit on the 16th of August, the US envoy met with the Arab Gulf Affairs minister of Saudi Arabia, Thamer al-Sabhan as revealed by the sources that Ahmed Al-Jibouri had been following.
Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri also revealed that the first convoy of Iraqi pilgrims entered Mecca after crossing the Arar border. It is understood that the border has only opened once every year since 2003. But, Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri explained that this year things were different as Saudi officials welcomed their Iraqi counterparts at the border.

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