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Kurdish economy rebounds following three years of instability

Kurdish economy rebounds following three years of instability

Over the past few years, Kurdistan has earned itself a new title dubbed “next Dubai” after the country enjoyed mind staggering economic growth amid political instability and internal strife. Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri who is one of the high profile figures of the oil and gas sector of Iraq had revealed that Kurdistan had been enjoying mind blowing economic growth during the years prior to the invasion of Iraq by IS militants.
According to Ahmed Al-Jibouri, the coming of IS militants brought the Kurdistan economic growth to a halt subsequently bringing to an end that country’s dreams of becoming the next Dubai. Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri also added that prior to that the onset of IS era, many commercial towers along with shopping centres started to dot Erbil and trading was due to open at the country’s first ever stock exchange. Further, Ahmed Al-Jibouri also explained that close to 3 million tourists had been welcomed by Kurdish Iraq in the year 2013 alone earning Erbil the status of “Tourism Capital of the Arab region” despite the city not being Arabic.
But, this was all brought to ruins as IS militants swept through the neighbouring areas of the country as revealed by the sources that Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri has been following. Ahmed Al-Jibouri further added that many refugees fleeing IS militants in neighbouring areas found Kurdistan an attractive hideout. According to Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri, IS militants had also managed to advance as far as Kurdistan and thwarted many ongoing developments, although Ahmed Al-Jibouri believes that their presence in the Kurdish region was rather insignificant compared to mainland Iraq.
Meanwhile, Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri revealed that his sources have a different outlook of the future of Kurdistan as the Iraqi Kurdistan regions continues to show signs of bouncing back. Following recent victories against IS, the country is beginning to show signs of reviving its economy as explained by Ahmed Al-Jibouri who has been following reliable sources.

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